Kids And Nature Growing Australia


Engaging children with nature for children to become the custodians of the earth.


Reaching as many children and educators to spread awareness about sustainability.


The world is currently experiencing the 6th mass species extinction, which has been attributed to the impact that humans have on the planet. As such, our primary focus is on educating about the effect that individuals may have on the global ecosystem and the positive actions they can take on a local level that may help to ensure a brighter future for the planet.    


Kanga is part of Landcare that represents thousands of people across Victoria, working together to increase biodiversity and promote the sustainable management of land. 

Project  KANGA is an education program to present in the schools to give hands on experience and knowledge about the local habitats with native animals (vertebrates and invertebrates); along with discussion and plantings of indigenous plants to encourage and maintain indigenous flora and fauna.


  • The session for each class / group runs for approx. 1hour

  • In this hour we share live native animals that the children might find in their backyard or local park.

  • Discuss the habitats of the children and these animals; including their food and shelter needs.

  • Include animals such arthropods, marsupials and reptiles, both vertebrates, invertebrates including macro invertebrates

  • The children and teachers have close encounters including touching and searching for these native animals

  • The second part of the presentation is finding platypus food in water brought in from a local platypus creek and attempt to identify these macro invertebrates.